Converse by Malcolm-Emilio

‘Original man of creation’ | Converse custom b y Malcolm-Emilio

The mission of the work is to provide a sensory activation of the mind, body & soul that regenerates genetic memory and replenishes our visions of origins. Channeling energetic expressions to create a language that can speak to the world, blending fashion, art, and design.

Artist bio 

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1989, Malcolm-Emilio was raised in a multicultural home, specifically of South American and Caribbean heritage. He began to generate intuitive artistic expressions at an early age of 15, By 20, he was using the city landscape as his art studio daily.

In Malcolm-Emilio´s early twenties, he began exploring the Americas. Beginning in NYC, LA, MIA, he naturally made his way to the Caribbean, and South America, more recently exploring Europe and the motherland continent of Africa. On this journey, Malcolm-Emilio has produced various mediums of work that represent his experiences with these different places. Works that include medicinal tools, artifacts, and functional accessories for sacred spaces.

Utilizing personally hand mined Raw crystal minerals and other natural resources gathered from the travels, learning to artistically cultivate and create sustainable living communities, inspired by plant-based perspectives and holistic alternatives. His first hand interactions with indigenous foundations have given him access to a lifetime of expression, that is evolving and growing daily, as he finds NU ways to share his Visions of the Past, Present, and the Future.