Kimono U.S. Hanten Shirt – Olive

Kimono U.S. Hanten Shirt – Olive


Kimono U.S. Hanten Shirt - Olive


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MAHARISHI Kimono U.S.Hanten Shirt – Olive: Kimono Shirt cutted from a U.S. Army Cotton Sateen. The Maha Tailor Shop carried out these cross-cultural modifications in Vietnam for the uniforms of the Civilian Irregular Defence Group. Maharishi Fine Tailor Company.

  • Ribbed kimono collar
  • Centre waist tie
  • Maharishi camo / reflective side seam tab

Composition & materials: 100% Cotton Sateen – 11960’s era U.S. Army cotton sateen twill, reproduced exclusively for Maharishi. Used in AW21 to reproduce the uniforms worn by the U.S. Navy Riverine and helicopter support units, as well as for Eastern utility wear of the Civilian Regular Defence Group.

*Originally a stand alone tailor shop, trade boomed when the U.S. Navy accepted the invitation to advise in the Vietnam War and the Maharishi Fine Tailor Company emerged, providing modifications and customisation for US soldiers and uniforms for the Civilian Irregular Defence Group


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