Sheltech x Renu Bucket Hat – Grey Blue

Sheltech x Renu Bucket Hat – Grey Blue


Sheltech x Renu Bucket Hat - Grey Blue


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GRAMICCI Sheltech x Renu Bucket Hat – Grey Blue: Sheltech x Renu Bucket Hat from Gramicci is a bucket hat with a wide brim. Made from double-woven material that combines the stretchability of Sheltech and has been developed on the concept of playing in the sun during outdoor activities. The functions of this urban lifestyle brimmed hat includes, but are not limited to, heat insulation, coolness to the touch, water absorbency and rapid drying, lightness, and ultraviolet protection, which allows you to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors. Also, the surface that comes into contact with the skin is a structure that stretches and peels away from the skin well through point contact, making it optimal for the outdoors in the spring and summer when sweating is common.

  • 360-degree wide brimmed hat
  • Made from Sheltech Renu Material
  • Comfortably lightweight
  • Strap adjustable from the back

Composition & materials: Sheltech – 44% polyester, 32% nylon, 24% cotton

It is a stretch double woven material originally developed by combining Sheltech, which was developed based on the concept of “playing with the sun”, and RENU, which is a circular recycled material from “fiber to fiber”


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