Since 2006, THEROOM is arguably the most complete retail experience in Barcelona.

With a solid community base positioned equally between street and high fashion, THEROOM is structured into a multi-service exclusive model.

A progressive and forward-thinking concept unique in the Spanish market and globally recognised.




THEROOM is located in the heart of the Gothic neighborhood, and right next to the iconic La Rambla, in the center of Barcelona.

Surrounded by some of the city’s lead streetwear shops, which altogether have organically created a hotspot for street style enthusiasts.





THEROOM Hairstyle is an exclusive hair salon that first opened in 2006. Located in the second story of our space, The Hairstyle is a place that prompts the latest hair and makeup trends.

Our team consists of outstanding styling experts with over 20-year experience.  A salon that breaks the common concept of hairdressing.


THEROOM Basement wraps up the multi-concept identity of THEROOM Barcelona. A space for creative collectives to play around with.

From product launches, exhibitions, or music events, THEROOM Basement is an underground space both hidden but well-installed in the city center.