Privacy Policy

To run this site, sometimes we install small files called “cookies”.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that the browser loads on your computer or device. Cookies help the browser to browse websites, but can not collect any information stored on your computer or in your files.
There are different types of cookies. Some are required to navigate on websites, others have different purposes such as ensuring internal security, to administer the system, to perform anonymous statistical analysis of how you arrived on the page, to understand what are the sections that are more relevant to users, or offer a customized experience. Most cookies are “session cookies” that are automatically deleted from the hard disk when you leave the site or close your browser. The cookies remaining on your computer allow websites to identify you when you visit them again, so you can continue from where you left off.

How we use cookies?

Some pages use cookies to remember:
• site settings, such as whether you have already responded to a pop-up survey , in order to avoid it from appearing again;
• if you have authorized the use of cookies on the website.
For some of the functions on our website, we use third-party vendors, for example when you visit a page with the embedded map of Google Maps. Theese elements (and any other content from third-party providers and their affiliates) may contain third-party cookies. We have no control over their management policy. If you wish, you can consult the policies of theese websites:

Cookie script

Since the installation of cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties can not be technically controlled by the Owner, and considering the complexity of identifying the technologies based on cookies and their integration with the web, any specific reference to cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties should be considered indicative. For complete information, see the privacy policy of any third party service listed in this document.

How to control cookies?

You can control and / or check the cookies as you prefer. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your settings to disable this function. You can block all kinds of cookies, or agree to receive only some and disable the others; For more details refer to the “Help” function of the browser. If you choose this option, it is possible that some services or certain features of websites may not be available. To learn more, visit



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