Pinqponq Changeant Edition

After the first Limited Changeant Edition in Fall 2016, pinqponq drops a new shimmering collection composed of fresh fusions for all those out there who took a liking to our bags. Changeant is a fabric that has been a part of fashion for decades – mostly used in home textiles or evening gowns. What convinced us about the material: The smooth and shimmering fabric catches the light and bounces it back, almost resembling silk. It impresses with iridescent colors, so we combined this fabric with different textures and materials to create gripping contrasts. “Blue Shadow” and “All Black” are our new colorways – made just for you!

The Changeant Limited Edition 2017 is all about material mixes. Good news: that’s why you can combine this product with almost anything in your wardrobe. Wear sneakers, elegant leather shoes or your Glastonbury approved boots. Anything goes.