Military print is one of the few prints that, even having a strong and charismatic personality, remains eternal collection after collection and season after season.
The capacity, strength and power of this print, no matter which garment it is, makes it inexorably end up in our closets from brands like Stan Ray.


Stan Ray


Military print is undoubtedly one of the key trends in contemporary fashion. It has been featured in many fashion collections for years, amongst which urban style stands out, therefore it is very common to find this type of print in the different streetwear brands we have in The Room Barcelona.


Stan Ray, is a brand that manufactures military quality garments since 1972 based in Crocket, Texas. It is a family business founded by Earl Ray Beards, named after the founder’s first son, Stan Ray.


Throughout the 80s, many of the brand’s military workwear items could be found in older markets in Japan. Today, Stan Ray remains loyal to its origins and continues to offer, under the motto “Tried & True”, high-quality clothes made in the USA.


Following the same line as the earlier outfit, we recommend the Fatigue Short – Woodland Camo. Made from ripstop cotton utility fabric, it has two patch pockets with sloping entry at the thighs and two more at the back with buttoned flaps. All this with seven loops at the waist and a zippered fly, giving it a very military look. You can combine it with a white t-shirt and get an outfit with a very marked military character.

Here are some of our recommendations for a modern military look. Be sure to follow our news section to keep up to date with the latest trends.


Mix & Win

By mixing some of the military character garments with other basic ones or with a total military look, you can get really groundbreaking looks.
Think of a total military look with a military jacket and trousers. Check out this Tropical Jacket – Camo Desert in our online store. It’s a combat jacket with angled chest pockets made of washed stone treated cotton.


Mix it up with the Fat Short – Desert Storm Camo, a flat-seam, double-chained, loose-fitting short with desert camouflage colorway, just like the jacket. Match these two garments with a plain colored t-shirt and you have your total look!


If you’re looking for a look that’s slightly less military in nature, we recommend you to choose the 1200 Taper Fatigue – Green Tigerstripe. It is a green tigerstripe ripstop cotton pant.
The design and construction of this garment is based on the U.S. military work uniform, a pattern that extended from the early 1950s to the 1980s, known as OG107.
Conical fit, double chain stitch, flat seam construction, zipper and buttoned back pockets mix this pant with a white T-shirt and black Converse All Stars. Who said a military look couldn’t be subtle?