LOAFERS are the new sneakers this SS20

Loafers are the new sneakers this SS 20


The well-known loafers are the perfect footwear that we know will never go out of fashion, although at certain times they can gain more strength than ever. And that’s because, we’re back to the classic, relaxed elegance that was once gone.


Loafers have returned with strength during the autumn and spring of 2019-2020.Something that both celebrities and the most important brands in the fashion world have let us know. They are the new cult footwear for streetwear lovers.

This trend began not being so, since at first this type of footwear was worn by Norwegian fishermen and from that point on they began to spread throughout Europe. It is from this origin that we can know that they have that connotation of formal footwear (of uniform) but, in an intermediate point since they have a casual touch and without being too strict.

These originally men’s moccasins, have been the perfect step between the transition of shoes and sneakers, because it could not have been different, there had to be a medium step between them. These shoes are the ones that the most stylish people are starting to wear and we can see them on the red carpets as well as in the office; without forgetting their international street style.

And how did they get to Spain? Something we all know is that our wardrobe has always been influenced by American fashion, being the preppy style (fashion of young people in high schools) one of the easiest to adapt to the street style, something that we can see for example in the style of the all-time British it girl Alexa Chung. She has shown us how to match the most elegant moccasins with jeans, blouses, evasé skirts, rhombus sweaters and many other garments that we can easily wear in our day to day.

How to mix?


The moccasins are preferably combined with white socks, although you may find it strange because of the clash of styles. But this makes more sense if we remember the more modern ones of the 80s like Michael Jackson, the first on the list of several celebrities who later mixed these very different elements, loafers with sports socks. This could be seen as having a hint of aesthetic vindication.

Major fashion brands like Gucci are the main driving force behind these moccasins today and forever. Another company that is a friend of these, Prada, did not hesitate to re-edit its nautical shoes and moccasins in the summer of 2019, moving on to what the others would do the following winter.

A good guide to match them in the most genuine and youthful way is following the example of the brand Stüssy, this label mixes in its collections the most basic and powerful elements of American fashion which are sportswear and streetwear. Other references for this style include Aries, the English label that uses this type of footwear in its look books.

Loafers in The Room Barcelona

In the Room you can find a selection of  G.H. Bass Loafers , original brand stablished in 1876 in the U.S.A. You can choose from several colour options and different designs. Opt for the one that best suits your style!